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Cluno is your new car. Our fixed monthly price includes everything but gas.*

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  • Service & Maintenance

    We’ll take care of all service appointments.

  • Insurance

    Your Cluno car is fully insured: third party and comprehensive insurance are included in the monthly payment.

  • Cluno Warranty

    The vehicle is under warranty for the entire duration, with no further costs.

  • Tyres

    Our complete tyre package ensures safety on the road.

  • Tax & GEZ Fees

    We cover the vehicle tax and GEZ fees.

  • Registration

    Save time, money and stress – the car is already registered to us.

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It all worked perfectly. There’s enough space for our family, and thanks to Cluno’s comprehensive service, I now have more time for my family. I would recommend Cluno to anyone!

Daniel M.


Cluno Management Delbrouck Schuierer Polleti Polleti von Heise Rotenburg

Driving a car – As easy as listening to music.

We believe that driving and swapping your car should be easy and convenient – which is what we work for every day. You – the driver – are at the heart of our mission. With Cluno, never experience the stress and uncertainties of buying or selling a car again. Doesn’t that sound great? It’s simple. You drive – we’ll take care of the rest.

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*The following services are included in the monthly package price: car registration, liability insurance, partial and fully comprehensive insurance with deductible, car tax, GEZ fees, maintenance, winterfit tires, inspections and general inspections. The monthly package price does not include: fuel, electricity, AdBlue, windscreen washer fluid, motor oil.

1In the event of a binding booking agreement for a Mobility Package by a new private or commercial customer in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Cluno GmbH („Booking“) valid at the time of booking, the regular one-time Cluno starting fee does not apply. New customers are those who have not concluded a booking agreement with Cluno GmbH in the past.

2 Für jedes nach dem 25.01.2021 abgeschlossene Cluno Auto Abo gilt die Cluno-FLEXit-Option. Solltest Du Dir während des Lockdowns wegen einer betriebsbedingten Kündigung kein Auto Abo mehr leisten können, kannst Du Dein Cluno Auto Abo vorzeitig beenden. Alle Bedingungen unter

3 Bei verbindlich geschlossener Buchungsvereinbarung über ein Mobilitätspaket durch einen privaten oder gewerblichen Neukunden oder in-bzw. aktiven Bestandskunden gemäß den zum Zeitpunkt der Buchung geltenden Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen der Cluno GmbH (“Buchung”) wird die erste volle Brutto-Monatsgebühr um 300 € (brutto) reduziert. Gültig bei Buchung bis einschließlich 16.03.2021 und nur für die Angebotsnr. 165, 164, 176, 143, 280, 142, 201, 301, 253. Barauszahlung ausgeschlossen, nicht kombinierbar und nur einmalig gültig pro Kunde.