Quick, modern and compelling

That’s Cluno

Cluno provides customers with their ‘own’ car – for as long as they want, as flexible as they need, and at a fixed, monthly all-inclusive price that includes everything but gas.*

Cluno’s strong network of partners and dealers brings its customers the mobility solution of tomorrow, today: digital, simple, flexible and a one-stop shop.

Here’s how you can benefit from Cluno

Advantages for you

Your cars

Boost your new and used car sales with Cluno. Our customers drive your cars!

Your services

Sales and aftersales services are part of our mobility concept.

Local customers

With Cluno,
you’ll reach a new, local customer base with an interest in mobility.

No costs

Cluno secures the customers, buys your cars and takes on aftersales costs.

Our understanding of partnership

Successful together

We’re developing the future of mobility together with car dealers – not against them. Cluno is transparent, on an equal footing, and in dialogue.

Reshape mobility

Become a partner

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Together, let’s change driving and reshape mobility. Become part of Cluno’s growing partner network.
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81671 Munich

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*The following services are included in the monthly package price: car registration, liability insurance, partial and fully comprehensive insurance with deductible, car tax, GEZ fees, maintenance, winterfit tires, inspections and general inspections. The monthly package price does not include: fuel, electricity, AdBlue, windscreen washer fluid, motor oil.